Purple Heart Gaming Box


Our Gaming Boxes  are based on seasonal availablility and come with customizable, removable inserts. These inserts are made removable so that you can use the entire 9 cubic inch interior for whatever your heart desires. These boxes can be loaded with one of our premade images, or you can upload an image of your own to make your gaming box truely yours. Inserts come in various colors, and can be made in suede, or wood.

By far one of the most beautiful woods on earth. When clear coated Purple Heart often takes on an iridescence similar to Bloodwood. On top of all that, Purple Heart has a very vibrant purple color. It is more vibrant than the dyed woods available, proving that nobody does it better than mother nature. This vibrant purple is attained through oxidation, basically it’s wood rust. When purple heart is fresh cut it is a purplish brown. After several days to a couple of weeks exposure to oxygen in the air the wood takes on its familiar purple hue. Once the oxidation is complete we then clear coat the dice.

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