Our Guarantee 

We make the best dice in the world. So good, they’re backed up with a lifetime guarantee.

Lifetime Gaurantee 

‘At Artisan Dice we craft the most exquisite dice in the world using only the finest materials available. As such, our dice are also the most expensive dice ever created. With that price and quality, it’s to be expected that we stand behind what we create with the best warranty in the industry.

We are the only gaming manufacture in the world to offer a full lifetime warranty on EVERYTHING we make. What do we mean by lifetime? Exactly that, for as long as it exists we will warranty anything we have made. It doesn’t matter if you gift it to a friend, lost your order number, or forgot when you purchased it, should something unfortunate happen your dice or gaming accessories, we will happily repair or replace them. All you have to do is send them back to us.

The Fine Print:

  • It must be something we made. We are not able to warranty anything made by anyone else.  (Believe it or not we actually get this one a lot.) 
  • If requested, you must return the damaged item to us.
  • The item must not have been intentionally damaged. I.E. sawn in half, shot with bullet, set on fire, blown up with dynamite, or crushed by a falling anvil, or any other Looney Tunesesque escapades one could dream up.


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