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What could be cooler than a set of dice made from the world’s oldest workable wood? I mean, besides winning the lottery and marrying a supermodel on the same day while taking delivery of your shiny new Ferrari 599 GTB.

Kauri is One Big Damn Tree! … Okay, that may not be the scientific name, but these things are the size of Redwoods! And they’re old — really old. I’m talking pre-human old. What are they? Ancient Kauri Trees. Holy damn, the wood is beautiful. Pictures do not do this wood justice. The grain pattern is alive with an iridescence called Whitebait, so named after the schools of fish that swim off the New Zealand coast where these trees are found. Watch this video below to see the iridescence in action.


I’ve had the privilege to hold a guitar made out of this wood. I can tell you there is no other wood like it. Nothing compares.

So it’s big and it’s pretty — but so’s a ’57 Chevy. There’s got to be more to it that just that right? Remember when I said this stuff was old? I don’t mean Methuselah old. What I mean is this wood is OLD, as in older than the La Brea Tar Pits old. Older than the woolly mammoth old. Older than the last Ice Age old. Hell, man hadn’t discovered fire, built a wheel or even learned scratch his own arse yet when these trees were alive.

Ancient Kauri Trees have been carbon-dated to 50,000 years old. In case you’re wondering, that’s like pegging the speedo at 150 mph and still accelerating down the autobahn. 50,000 years old is as far back as the carbon dating gauge goes, so these trees are more than likely even older than that. Before they died over 50,000 years ago, they lived for more than 2000 years, making them ancient even before they were buried in a bog in northern New Zealand eons ago.

The trees’ descendants can still be found growing around the Pacific Rim, and are protected by law. These ancient trees, however, are only found in the bogs of northern New Zealand, and the land is returned to its natural habitat once the trees have been reclaimed. This is the world’s oldest workable wood, and it’s environmentally friendly as well.

In order for Kauri wood to achieve its full beauty, it must be hand-sanded to 2000 grit or higher. By contrast, most other woods available from Artisan Dice are only sanded to 600 grit. Not only is this wood expensive to get, but it takes considerable effort to work with the wood as well.

Please note: We no longer offer the Kauri wooden box. Your dice will ship with our standard steel tin or cedar box.

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16 reviews for Ancient Kauri

  1. Nick Quaderer

    Are these in stock yet/still? I don’t see an option to order.

    • Charlie Brumfield

      opps my fault. yes you can still order them. i forgot to enable the add to cart options. it should be fixed now.

    • Nick Quaderer

      Just wanted to post a reply after having received these dice. They are absolutely beautiful. The luster to them is really something to behold. Such a wonderful high quality product.

  2. Baard

    What was the price on these? Would be nice to know how much I have to save/beg/bribe/trade/steal/wish for =)

    • Charlie Brumfield


  3. Todd

    if i went for a full polyhedral set, how much extra would it cost to get the kickstarter-esque box with the pen and pencil made out of the same wood?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      i’ve got to make another pen pencil and dice set to finish out the prototyping. there’s no reason i can’t make it out of kauri. if you want it i’ll add one to the site for you. the cost will be $547.

  4. Alexis Cameron

    I will be purchasing two sets for my anniversary this year. 2 sets of 10d10 with half of them as percentiles. And 12d6 to go with it. Will email for a quote. Looking forward to these!

    • Charlie Brumfield

      awesome looking forward to hearing from you

  5. christopher330

    Just put in an order for these. Going to surprise my girlfriend with them for Christmas. She loves dice, and really dug the site when I showed it to her. She really took to the ancient kauri dice, but would never spend that kind of money on herself. Can’t wait to see her face when she gets them.

    • Charlie Brumfield

      nice! she’ll love them. it’s one of my favorite woods to work with.

  6. Ernie Sawyer

    Wanted to know if it is possible to get a set of 10d10 in the Ancient Kauri and 2 of the 5-dice boxes instead of one 10-dice box. And if so, how much? The 10-dice polyhedral is $468. Especially with the two boxes I am guessing this would be a little more expensive.

    Ernie Sawyer

    • Charlie Brumfield

      We can do that. You’d be looking at $491 for the 2 5 inch boxes.

  7. Panda

    Is this wood still available? I do not see ordering options currently. Looking for a full polyhedral set, if possible. Thanks.

  8. Jason

    Also wondering if this wood is still available. These dice are beautiful!

  9. Justin Edward’s

    I would like one D4,D6,D8,D10,D%,D12,D20

  10. Panda

    me too! me too!

  11. eloeri81_r

    Yes, when will this particular material be available? Looking for a full 10 dice set.

  12. Brian

    Are there going to be any more sets? I don’t see the add to cart button so I assume the original run is sold out? Thanks! Also awesome site. I’ve been looking for high end stone, metal, and wood dice. I’m definitely getting soapstone and maybe a few other sets. Do you offer discounts on orders of several very high end (these, soapstone, the black bog dice, etc) sets of dice? Also to make sure when it says full set that includes d4, d6, 2xd10, d8, d12, and d20? Thanks!

  13. Kera

    Please let me know if your going to make anymore..I would love a full set of them. Amazingly beautiful!

  14. Jonathan Wisner

    If you plan to make anymore of these would love a heads up, would be interested in a full set

  15. River Curtis-Stanley

    Will there be any more Kauri dice? I’m interested in a full set plus the box. I not only collect dice, I game with them.

    • Charlie Brumfield

      yes we will be making more of these. just got two new whitebait boards in last week. we’ll begin processing them shortly.

  16. Adam Dray

    Got my kickstarter dice after 5 years. They’re GORGEOUS. Highly recommend, if you can get your hands on them.

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