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Ash Polyhedral Dice

Every set of Artisan Dice is hand-crafted in Texas. As such, we work with the native Texas Ash, which is a drought-tolerant cousin of the more common Mountain Ash.

Texas Ash is a relative of White Ash, F. Americana. It grows on limestone bluffs, and can be found from Dallas in north central Texas to areas west and south. Its water requirements are low, although it can tolerate moderate amounts of moisture as long as the area has good drainage. Its leaves turn glowing red, gold, orange and purple colors in the fall. It is distinguished from White Ash by its leaflets, which are more rounded, and by having five to seven leaflets instead of the seven to nine leaflets of White Ash, according to Texas A&M.

Ash wood is a pale tan color with a tight, consistent grain. This makes the laser engraving really easy to read on a polyhedral set of dice made from Ash.

Interesting fact: Yggdrasil (The World Tree from Norse mythology) is a gigantic Ash tree. Yggdrasil dice would make an awesome set for a Viking Barbarian or Priest.

Please Note: This is the old style engraving. Your dice will be raster engraved. New pictures coming soon.

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7 reviews for Ash

  1. Rick Taylor

    HI, you have a very attractive site here and I’m wondering how you order. I can’t seen to find any pricing. Maybe I’m just not looking in the right place.

    • Charlie Brumfield

      just choose the wood you want your dice made out of. if it is aviabale on the website you will see pricing info for the various dice sets we make. if you see the green “available on kickstarter” text than that wood will be added to the site shortly.

  2. Matt Ryan

    i just want a set of DnD dice a d4, d6, d8, d10, percentile die, d12 and d20

    • Charlie Brumfield

      order our 10 dice full polyhedral set. it comes with all 7 dice plus an extra 3d6.

  3. Zach

    I’m with Matt. I see pictures of the 7-dice set used for games like Dungeons and Dragons but no 7-dice set options. A pity as I am an avid lover/collector of these sets; especially when it comes to more exotic materials.

    • Charlie Brumfield

      order our 10 dice full polyhedral set. it comes with all 7 dice plus an extra 3d6.

  4. philip

    I just got a set of these and they are absolutely beautiful! Wonderful feel, easy to read, lovely sound when cast. If you don’t mind your dice to be a touch on the lighter side I would highly recommend ash – gorgeous.


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  6. Clay Gainey (verified owner)

    Just got my d20 ash die in the mail! Artisan Dice mailed it the same day I ordered and it arrived within 5 days. I like the feel of the dice and the engraved numbers are nicely done. It is very light weight and has a good bounce and randomness to the rolls. Overall I’m very happy with it…

  7. Thane Green (verified owner)

    Really awesome dice! A little light, but to be expected. Took 5 long weeks to get them, they apologized for the long wait and gave me a free random d20, (which I believe is a cherry wood d20). My only complaints would be the long wait and the d4 that I got looks a little off when compared to other d4’s. The shape isn’t quite right. But awesome dice anyways.

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