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The only Blue Mahoe tree with truly blue wood comes from Jamaica, and is their National Tree. We import our Blue Mahoe from a single plantation in Caribbean that grows a whole forest of sustainable exotic woods. These folks don’t run a tree farm: they sustainably harvest natural trees by select cutting and replanting them in their “ecologically cultivated jungle” that contains many different types of plant and animal life.

Turns out, the wood is stained blue by the minerals in the ground around the plantation. In other parts of the world, the Blue Mahoe tree has wood that ranges from very brown to even more brown. On this plantation, however, the wood’s coloration turns steel-blue, to violet, blue-green,  light blue and even very rarely royal blue.


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4 reviews for Blue Mahoe

  1. Shane (Zèfilon)

    I play a wide range of RPG’s.
    My wish list;
    I Would LOVE a 36 pc cube of 12mm d6 for my Warhammer 40k army!
    Would also like a full work up of D&D Dice 1xd4,4xd6,1xd8,2xd10 (1-0 preferred),1xd12,3xd20, 1xd100

    • Charlie Brumfield

      oops sorry for the belated reply shane. i just saw that i never submitted my post. we can make that happen. but the poly’s can’t be done in blue mahoe at this time. my stock is not thick enough.

  2. Dan

    Would really really like a D20 in this =P if you ever test a poly cut on your stock, then dibs on the d20 ^_^

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  6. Wesey

    Just wondering whether a d20 of this wood will have the black/white contrast seen in the picture

  7. Dan

    Curious as to if I can mix and match 7 different woods for a set…

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