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“Men have their script, books and texts; they are men of honour. We have our own script, books and texts; we are women of honour.” – Unkown Nüshu Practicioner

Orgins of Nüshu

Nüshu literally translates to Women’s Writing, and was created as a means for the women of Jiangyong county in China’s Hunan province to read and write. Part dialect, part secret code, it’s exact inception, is a point of contention, but this syllabic language was known to be used amongst women for letters, specifically San Chao Shu (???) or “Third Day Missives”, cloth-bound booklets created by, women loved ones which celebrated and lamented aspects of your daughter leaving to be married. Nüshu is considered to be the world’s only writing system that is created and used exclusively by women.

A Script from Tears

Nüshu characters are more rhomboid than more traditional square Chinese characters; they combined this feature with the local dialect called Chengguan Tuhua as a basis. The characters are formed with dots and three kinds of strokes ; horizontals, slashes, and arcs. These elongated characters are written with very thin, stringy lines. It wasn’t uncommon to see Nushu on things from ripped pieces of cloth, to ornate fans.

Supporting STEM

We love STEM, we’re nerds after all. One of the things missing from STEM are women. Even though 44% of college grads are women, there are far fewer women in STEM fields than men. We’d like to help close that gap.

To that end we’ll be donating the proceeds from every Nüshu Dice ordered to Girls Start. They’re an Austin Texas based charity helping to give girls a head start in STEM. Our goal is to fully fund one Girls Start program for an entire school for the whole year.

The Finest Materials

These Nushu sets have be crafted to celebrate women all over the world. We brought Honduran Mahogany all the way from Central America. This Hardwood is strong, and makes a beautiful, low rolling sound, Reminiscent of beautiful prose that Nushu often scripted. Our precision laser engraving is as clear and as beautiful as the mark the Nushu women left in their writings.

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