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How pink is Pink Ivory? Very pink. Barbie Pink. Pink Ivory was a sacred wood to the Zulu chiefs of South Africa. It was said that if anyone other than a Zulu chief was found to possess the wood, they would be executed. At one time, it was said to be rarer than diamonds.  The wood grows in various parts of South Africa, and takes hundreds of years to reach a size suitable to make a blank. It turns out however, that it is not quite as rare as we have been led to believe, and nowadays this extremely slow-growing and exceedingly hard wood is harvested with proper permits from the South African government to ensure a sustainable harvest for decades to come. Even so it is still one of the rarest commercially available woods in the world.

Pink Ivory is used in variety of fine woodworking applications from inlay and marketry, to wood turnings and musical instruments. It’s highly valued for its tight dense and consistent grain which gives it an excellent tap tone, solid weighty feel, and very smooth coloration. Pink Ivory is definitely one of nature’s most beautiful woods.

For Valentines day this year the minions have crafted a very special set of Pink Ivory dice made form the brightest of pinks and matched with a one of a kind Pink Ivory Dice Box then inlaid with Sterling Silver. This set has been three years in the making as the wood selected for the dice box was shipped in green and had to be air dried very slowly so as not to warp or crack the billet as it is very rare to find a Pink Ivory billet in the dimensions we need and of sufficient quality to craft one of our dice boxes. As such we are not sure when or if we will ever make another set quite like this one. Not to fret though we know one set is never enough, so we went ahead and crafted a few sets of Pink Ivory inlaid with Turquoise that are amazingly beautiful in their own right.


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