Sleeping Beauty Turquoise D20s

Sleeping Beauty Turquoise D20s


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Sleeping Beauty Turquoise with Copper InlayThis project has been around for quite some time as we have been looking for a way to offer semi precious stone dice that could stand up to the rigors of play. We don’t make shelf queens. Our dice are made to game and we back that up with a life time warranty. Most semi precious stone dice proved to chip easily and wouldn’t hold up to regular use. That’s no bueno.

So how did we get around stones natural propensity to chip? Simple we cheated. This new line of dice have been crafted from semi precious stone set in a resin matrix. The end result is flawless in execution, beauty, gameability (if that’s not a word, it is now). By binding the ground semi precious stone in a resin matrix, it adds a toughness to the resulting die that unaltered stone just doesn’t have while retaining all the visual properties and heft of the original stone.

sleeping beauty mountian

Sleeping Beauty Mountain. Photo from

These particular dice are made from Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise leans towards the aqua end of the turquoise spectrum. It’s known for its purity of color and named for the mountain where it is mined, which is said to resemble a lady sleeping with her arms folded. There also happens to be an important copper mine located here as well making the Copper metal inlay on these dice particularly perfect.

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