Tamboti (African Sandalwood)


Derived from the heartwood of Tamboti trees, each die becomes a harmonious blend of warm brown tones and intricate grain patterns that evoke the spirit of the African savanna. As you roll these dice, envision the Tamboti’s natural habitat, where the sun-kissed landscapes find expression in the rich, unique hues that characterize every piece


Tamboti wood, sourced from the heartwood of the Tamboti tree native to the African savanna, embodies the essence of exotic beauty and natural grace. Revered for its distinct fragrance and rich, warm brown hues, Tamboti wood has been cherished in fine woodworking for centuries. The wood’s intricate grain patterns create a tapestry of uniqueness, reminiscent of the diverse landscapes of its origin. Its durability is infused with a touch of Africa’s timeless allure into every creation. The subtle and pleasant fragrance that emanates from Tamboti wood further adds a sensory dimension, making it a prized material that captivates both visually and aromatically.

Rolling these dice is an immersive experience that transcends chance, inviting you to explore the tactile intricacies of Tamboti wood. Renowned for its resilience and unique fragrance, Tamboti wood has a storied history of being utilized in the crafting of fine furniture and musical instruments. The warm, earthy tones and the captivating grain patterns make each roll not just a game of chance but a celebration of the Tamboti tree’s timeless beauty.

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  1. Rafael

    Do you seal these or will they still be scented?

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