Zebra Bone Dice


Crafted from Zebra bones, These twenty-sided dice capture the wild essence of these vividly striped animals. This run features a green/orange dyed hue to the bones.


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Basically a hopped up donkey in a zoot suit, the Zebra has wild variations in each zebra’s stripes that aren’t just for fashion. They’re used by the rest of the heard for identification as well as confusing flies and preditors. Preventing horse fly bites while breaking up the zebra’s outline in the tall savannah grass and hiding the individual zebra in the herd.

Three types of zebras The plains zebra, the mountain zebra, and the Grevy’s zebra. Grevy’s zebras are the largest, weighing up to half a ton. The plains zebras clocks in at 850lbs. Plains Zebras can be found from southern Ethiopia and South Sudan to northern South Africa. The mountain zebra, is the smallest of the bunch can still weigh up to 800 pounds and range from South Africa to Namibia and Angola.

Often found roaming with the Serengeti with the walking buffet of the grasslands, the wildebeest, Zebra’s are part of the largest migration on the planet. Unlike their cousins horses and donkeys, they have never been domesticated and roam the African grasslands in family groups led by a stallion and a matrical mare.


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