Pacific Islands Woods

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    • Ancient Kauri

      What could be cooler than a set of dice made from the world’s oldest workable wood? I mean, besides winning... $63.00$273.00

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    • Curly Mango Wood

      With an awesome wavy grain pattern and a nice warm tone, Curly Mango wood is one of the most beautiful exotic... $27.00$103.00

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    • Ko’u

      Ko’u just might be the rarest wood we work with. I stumbled across it by accident when one of my suppliers... $63.00$273.00

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    • Koa

      This Hawaiian wood shimmers like gold. Koa is one of my favorite woods. It’s also the material of choice... $63.00$273.00

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    • Macadamia Nut

      Macadamia Nuts are freaking delicious! And Macadamia Wood is freaking beautiful! This Hawaiian wood originated in... $63.00$273.00

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    • Red Palm Wood (Coconut Palm)

      Red Palm or Coconut Palms grow in the tropics worldwide. Palm wood is notoriously hard to work. Palm grows woody... $42.00$167.00

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