Jack Daniel’s Oak Whiskey Barrels

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Having been cut from the stave of a genuine Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel, you could say this stock has been in good spirits for the last seven years. That’s how long the whiskey is aged before the barrels are replaced. So any dice made from this stock should defiantly roll higher than average right? The barrels are coopered by hand, from charred white oak and metal hoops. The black side of the pen blank was the inside of the oak barrel.

Note: Only the d6’s of polyhedral sets will have a charred side, the rest of the dice will be bare wood. The d6’s will also be pipped as shown in the picture.


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9 reviews for Jack Daniel’s Oak Whiskey Barrels

  1. Andrew

    would you ever considering making polyhedral’s of this? got some booze-hound dnd’ers that would love this

    • Charlie Brumfield

      it’s possible that i may be able to work out a way to do it. but for now we are not offering them for sale. the barrel staves tend to be just a bit to small to use for poly dice

      • Thomas

        I too would be interested if this wood could be made into Polyhedral’s. Also wondering if you still make the dice boxes/pens as I missed the Kickstarter and which Wood they can be made from.

      • Thomas

        I see that you have started selling the 10 Dice Poly set which I am interested in. Some question, Is it possible to get the highest of each dice with the charred side (e.g. D20 has 20 side charred)?, is it possible to get the dice box and pen made from the same material. If so what would be the cost?

        Thanks in advance

    • Klaus Kristiansen

      Only the d6 has a charred side.

  2. Mike

    for the 10D10 are they all the same or 5 of the 1-0 and 5 of the 10-00?

  3. Chris SNyder

    Looking to possibly order some for Christmas 2014. Could you tell me (roughly of course) when I would need to order by?

  4. Korey

    I am looking to get 6 or 12 d6 of these. Would all have a charred side?

  5. Aurora

    Do these smell like liquor?

    • Chris Snyder

      Yes. At least when the ones I ordered did when I first opened the box. But the smell faded quite a bit after a time, but I personally think you still get the aroma if you sniff the dice. Of course, you probably look rather silly doing that, but hey.

      Also, and I am not a paid spokesperson, these dice are beautiful.

  6. Hanno Ziegler (verified owner)

    These dice are really beautiful.
    Sample rolls show them to be balanced, too.
    Thank you guys!

    • Charlie Brumfield

      thanks! glad you like them.

  7. Daniel Bishop

    Can you get these dice made with a different font for the numbering? And, if a source of a different whiskey barrel were provided, could you use that wood?

  8. Mike

    Does a full set include multiple D6’s or is it just one of each basic die?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      4d6s sir

  9. Cory

    How long would it be before a d20 of these would be ready to be shipped?

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