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Amber is one of the world’s oldest gemstones. Though it is not truly a stone. Amber was one of the original materials of long distance trade thanks to its scarcity, uniqueness, and light weight. Amber has been refered to as Baltic gold, owing to its plentifulness in the Scandinavian region. The Vikings developed a rich trade in amber making it one of their principle export goods, trading amber as far away as Byzantium.

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Note: due to the high demand, we have temporarily removed the ability to order Amber d20s while we secure more material to make them. 

Amber d20

Amber d20

Amber is one of the world’s oldest gemstones. Though it is not truly a stone. Amber was one of the original materials of long distance trade thanks to its scarcity, uniqueness, and light weight. Amber has been refered to as Baltic gold, owing to its plentifulness in the Scandinavian region. The Vikings developed a rich trade in amber making it one of their principle export goods, trading amber as far away as Byzantium.

Amber d20 Backlit

Amber d20 Backlit

In 600B.C. the Greeks discovered that amber could generate a static charge if rubbed against wool. This charge can attract small things like straw or hair. The phenomena gave rise to the Greek name for amber, elektron, from which the tiny particle we call the electron gets its name. The Arabic word for amber literally translates as “straw thief”. On the other hand, the English word for amber is taken from the Arabic word anbar which, amazingly enough, does not mean “straw thief”. Anbar is the root word for ambergris which is a foul smelling bile duct secretion from the intestines of the sperm whale which can be found floating along the coast.

Amber glows when held to a light.

Amber glows when held to a light.

So what does a nasty poo smelling whale excretion used in the perfume industry have to do amber? Turns out they can be similar in color and both are found along the coast in the Baltic region which as I’m sure you’ve already guessed, led to quite some confusion at one point or another.

So what exactly is amber? Simply put, it’s really old tree resin. Eons ago, a now extinct species of pine tree oozed sticky rosin all over the place. That rosin has aged and dried out for so long that the polymers in the resin have had time to solidify into a soft stone like material.  This stone like Amber typically has inclusions or foreign material trapped inside. The most famous of which are the insects that can be found in some specimens. These insects can be quite valuable for research purposes and the occasional cloning of the odd dinosaur.  In modern times Amber is found in Mexico, Indonesia, and the Caribbean as well as the Baltic region.

PLEASE NOTE: we are not currently taking more orders for the Amber dice while we get more raw materials in.

Each Amber d20 comes in its own display case.

Each Amber d20 comes in its own display case.

19 reviews for Amber d20

  1. River Curtis-Stanley

    Please notify me once you get the materials for these. I would like a full polyhedral set, not just the d20. The d20 you show here is exquisite. I’d also like to know if you can make mini dice like the Dwarven Stone gem dice because I collect and game with gem dice.

  2. Paul Stratton

    I would be interested in obtaining some Amber Dice for my wife. I have been waiting for two years to present her with them for a CHRISTmas present. Thank you

    • Charlie Brumfield

      hi paul, at this time we are not making any amber dice. we’ve had chronic issues with the crafting process that we will need to get sorted before we can offer them again.


  3. Ann-Kristin Sørensen

    I’d like to get a notify if this comes back in stock! I have a partner who has been a DM since he was little and I think this dice would be the best gift I could give him.

  4. Simon (verified owner)

    If I could I would rate this die 6 stars! This D20 is probably the most beautiful die I will ever own. Amber is a wonderful material for dice, and the size and weight of the icosahedron are just perfect. My single complaint is that now I wish I could get a whole set in amber.

  5. Rasmus Røder Jessien

    Are you still having problems with production of these and have you abandoned them altogether? I would love to purchase such a die and would like to know if and when you return production of these beautiful dice.

    • Charlie Brumfield

      it will be some time yet before we return to development on this process, we have not abandoned it, but it is on the back burner for the time being.

  6. Blake

    The D20 looks beautiful! I would love to order one when it is back in stock.

  7. Athena G

    Please notify me when this becomes available. Amber is my boyfriend’s absolute favorite gem stone and I think he would be giddy to own one!

  8. Michael S

    Gorgeous die. If these become available, and there is an email, please inform me. I’d love to order one.

  9. Jakub S

    It’s just so beautiful… Please notify me when they will be avaiable. I NEED to get one!

  10. William Alicea

    These look super dope, and would be an awesome present for my Friend/GM please any contact when you have more in stock would be great.

  11. Michael Walter

    Can I go ahead and place an order in anticipation for this die? Any chance you’ll make a full polyhedral set?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      sorry but we don’t take preorders on amber. its a pita to work so they are all premade. we are not sure when/if we’ll be making anymore of them

  12. Brandon

    It is a pity you guys won’t be making more of these, they are by far the most beautiful dice that nature’s materials have afforded you to work with. I hope you guys reconsider offering them again, high demand demands higher prices. Set a price that is worth considering cranking more out. Perhaps if you do sell them again you could provide for extra charge a display stand that lights it up.

  13. mh61001

    I really hope you guys will put them into production again. I’d buy a full set in a heartbeat.

  14. JrKenny2408

    I assume there are still no plans on making more of these? They look gorgeous, and I would definitely be interested (as are a lot of other people) in buying one.

  15. Perry

    Would be 100% onboard with these being made again, understand they’re a pain to work with but they look so good.

  16. JP white

    Any chance you’re making these dice in 2019 or 2020?
    Full set or single d20.

  17. Ed Courtroul (verified owner)

    I own a d20 but would certainly buy a whole set if these ever become available again.

  18. Sigurd

    I would definitely be interested in buying a set, if they ever become available again. Any news on this matter?

  19. Kevin

    any update on this d20? 🙂 and what if I provided the amber myself?

    • Melissa Brumfield

      We are not able to craft Amber d20s at this time. We hope to be able to craft them again in the future.

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