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American Holly has the most pure white color of any wood in the world. It is very hard to dry properly without cracking and must be harvested in the dead of winter or the wood will be spalted (stained) with a blue-grey fungus. This process makes American Holly quite expensive. Add to that the fact that it is a nightmare to keep from shifting in board form, and it’s easy to see why only the most meticulate artisans work with this wood.

American Holly makes uniquely striking dice due to its almost non-existent grain pattern and nearly pure white coloration. American Holly takes laser engraving very well, so the markings on laser-engraved dice are highly legible.

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9 reviews for American Holly

  1. Aaron

    Could you post a picture of the dXX dice? I’d love to see what they look like with the engraving before purchasing.

    • Charlie Brumfield

      will try to get a set finished before the kickstarter ends, but we have a ton of others in front of it so no promises.

  2. Cole

    Must get a fudge set of these. It’d be a perfect match for my ABO fudge set.

  3. Klaus Kristiansen

    Does the fungus destroy the wood, or could you make white/blue grey marbled dice from it?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      it just stains the wood.

  4. Crysmil S

    Hi, I am interested in your dice, though I am not sure how I can look at prices and or purchase? I don’t see an option for it. Can you help?


    • Charlie Brumfield

      american holly was available on the kick starter and will be added to the web site shortly. you will see the check out options then.

  5. Rachel

    I would like to get a set of these in d10s. How much extra would it cost to get the box made of the same wood? Thanks!

    • davidmcleod

      Hey Rachel, unfortunately American Holly that thick and long would be quite expensive, for a polyhedral size box you’d end paying about $150.

      • Rachel

        Ahh ok 🙂 That’s kinda crazy lol

        • Charlie Brumfield

          agreed. my supplier of American holly is out of the 2 inch thick material we’d need to make boxes, and the one other supplier I can get American holly from is extremely proud of their stock.

          • Rachel

            *shakes fist!* How viable would a bloodwood box be? I like the image of the white dice in the blood red box. If not, then I’ll just stick with the standard and stop trying to be different lol

          • Rachel

            Or really, whatever you might recommend that would be striking with the white of the holly. I would like something more striking than the red oak that is still doable for you and cost efficient for me, though I’m ok with paying the extra for what I want 🙂

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  8. Michael Carlton-Jones

    I posted a similar comment on another section but got no response, I love the American Holly and wonder if you are planning any more inlayed dice. My favorite character to play is a Paladin and the Idea of Pure White dice (especially if inlayed seems awesome) Are you doing inlayed dice again, and if you were, would you consider American Holly inlayed with something gold in color. Can you also inlay polyhedrals or just d6′s

  9. Alucard

    hello, you can send in Italy?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      yes we do. international shipping charges will be automatically added at checkout

      • Alucard

        ok thanks ^^

  10. Xolani

    I’d like come custom dice, where instead of the dots on the sides, the dice will have certain words. Please let me know if I can have a dice customised this way. Thank you

  11. Connor

    I was considering buying a set of polyhedral dice from you all and I really like that American Holly, about how long would it take to recieve a set if ordered within the week?

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