Ancient Bog Wood

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Ancient Bog Oak dice set, crafted from wood that spent millennia soaking in an Eastern European swamp. The dark, fetid waters of the swamps preserve everything from oak to historical artifacts, even ancient humans, such as the Tollund Man or the Elling Woman. Each roll brings you back over 5000 years, as these sinister black Bog Oak dice, preserved in the oxygen-starved depths, lend a touch of ancient mystique to your gaming table.



Ever wondered what happens when an oak tree sinks into the eerie embrace of a swamp for millennia? It metamorphoses into Bog Oak, a sinister black wood infused with the ancient essence of that dank, fetid water. Older than Methuselah, our Bog Oak dates back over 5,000 years to a toppled tree in an Eastern European swamp.

Preserved through the alchemy of time, Bog Oak carries within its grain a narrative etched over eons. When the ancient oak fell into that dark swamp 5,000 years ago, it embarked on a journey of preservation. Immersed in the anaerobic depths, devoid of oxygen, the wood underwent a remarkable transformation as the tannin rich acidic and oxygen-starved environment of the boggy marsh slowed the decay process, allowing minerals and tannins to seep into the wood, subverting the oak it into an enduring relic of darkness. This unique preservation process imparts not only a haunting black hue but also a resilience that withstands the test of millennia. Each set of our Ancient Bog Oak polyhedral dice brings a tangible connection to the distant past to your gaming table. Experience the mystique and timelessness of our Bog Oak dice, a testament to mythological dark enchantments woven into the heartwood of these ancient trees.

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16 reviews for Ancient Bog Wood

  1. Sean stevens

    Is it possible to buy a single d20 of this wood?

    • Luke Marchant

      Bottom option; $76.

  2. Eric

    Are there custom options on the engraving? I would die to have the numbers in some evil looking font, with possibly an ancient evil symbol for the 6 on the d6.

  3. Gabriel camillo

    Hi, I’m from Brasil. And wanna know how much cost a complete deixe pach (d20, d10, d12, d6, d4) of this wood. Thanks

    • Charlie Brumfield

      the fully polyhedral set costs $254.00 and consists of 1d20,1d12,1d10,1d%,1d8,4d6,1d4

  4. Doug

    Do you have any pictures of these with the numbers on them?

  5. Eric

    Is there a way to see these numbered?

  6. Tim

    I’d love to see a picture of the completed, numbered dice before committing to a purchase like this. Unless the numbering and font are custom, of course.

  7. Jezabel

    not a gamer at all, looking for the best bday present – he’s been playing pathfinder for many years.
    I like the sound and look of this fancy wood and I’m wondering the same questions that are posted above mine.

    Can we see pictures of numbers on them?
    Can we customize?

    This question will show how little I know about gaming… If I choose to buy –
    5 standard 6 sided – does this mean that I would be buying 5 dice of the same kind?
    I noticed he has several sets of 7 different sided dice.


    • Eric

      I can answer the question about the shapes, if it isn’t too late. If he plays Pathfinder, the set you want is the 10 Dice Polyhedral Set @ $254.00.
      The 5 six-sided means it would be 5 identical cube shaped dice (like the normal ones everyone is used to.) The 10 polyhedral dice are the ones used in most rpgs with different number of sides.

  8. Shan

    I agree with Sean stevens–please make this available in d20 singles! I think a lot of people would buy these!

  9. Kiqena

    What do these look like with inlay?

  10. Eric

    All these ppl asking about the inlays and the numbers, but no answer? Why?

    I would be very interested in buying these with the Daemon Red Aurora inlays, but spending over $300 on dice is really hard to justify, and without at least a photograph it’s impossible.

    Could we at least see them with numbers on them?

  11. Jonathan

    Is there any way to have a specific number of these dice crafted? Specifically, I’m looking for 1d20, 2d12, 2d10, 4d6, 2d4 and a large d20. Is this possible?

  12. Goyer

    Does a full polyhedral set (or just a single d20) come with a display case?
    I’m thinking of getting a full set inlaid with malachite.

  13. Erin Kistner

    Would love to have a d20 for my husband! Is there any possibility of getting one before Christmas? (I am also eyeing the scotch rock soapstone for him)

  14. Johann (verified owner)

    Just got a full set of these in the mail. They are amazing.

  15. Anthony Morris

    The dice seem really nice! I wont lie they are more brown than I thought they would be for the ancient bog wood set, definitely felt they would be alot more black.

  16. Richard Stevenson (verified owner)

    Bought a full set of these as a Yule gift for my wife. It was about 5 months before they were ready, but they were absolutely worth the weight. Just gorgeous dice, great look and feel to them.

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