Big Ass Lightning Strike D20s – Purple Heart

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Are you looking for a truly unique and eye-catching addition to your gaming arsenal? Look no further than our new Lightning Strike Big Ass Dice! These Purple Heart wooden dice are massive. Coming in at 8 times the volume and weight of our standard sized ¾” d20s and measuring a full 1½” face to face (roughly the perfect size to fit in a minion’s palm), they are guaranteed to make your players cower in fear, or your DM green with envy thanks for their UV fluorescent and Glow in the Dark pigments.

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Hewn from Purple Heart these dice are more than just a pretty face. They are also incredibly durable and will last for countless gaming sessions to come. An intricate UV reactive lightning strike pattern burnt in the die face to contrast of the vibrant dark violet wood.

The real magic of these dice lies in their glow-in-the-dark and UV reactive aurora pigments. These pigments have been inlaid into the lightning strike pattern, creating a mesmerizing display of color that is sure to be the envy of all your gaming friends. Whether you’re playing your favorite tabletop game, or simply admiring these beautiful dice, you’re sure to be impressed.

1 review for Big Ass Lightning Strike D20s – Purple Heart

  1. Zero the Dog (verified owner)

    The crown jewel of my dice collection. The natural color of the purple heart is complemented by the UV-reactive lightning streaks. Absolutely stunning.

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