Big Leaf Maple (Broad Leaf / Oregon Maple)


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Also known as Broad Leaf Maple or Oregon Maple, Big Leaf Maple is light reddish-brown and fine-grained. The figure mutations of curl, burl and quilt are quite rare. Only one tree out of hundreds will be figured, but the figure is often exceptional. Most of this stock will have very nice figuration, which means cool-looking grain structures that make each matched-grain set of dice unique.

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2 reviews for Big Leaf Maple (Broad Leaf / Oregon Maple)

  1. Leopold

    is it possible to get a 10 Dice Polyhedral Set from this wood ?


    • Charlie Brumfield

      yes it is. please send an email to and we can get you a price on the set.

  2. Wade Rollins

    could i also get a box made from this wood along with the dice?


    • Charlie Brumfield

      yes you can. please use the contact us page to request this and we will get you an invoice.

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