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Black and White Ebony is a rare member of the ebony family, found mostly in Laos. A very unique blend of colors are mixed in this stock and will produce different patterns and color arrangements nearly as varied as Buckeye Burl. Like all Ebony woods, the thick wood stock needed to produce a full polyhedral set ensures Black and White Ebony’s exclusivity.

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4 reviews for Black and White Ebony

  1. A Dicey Situation (Buying Gaming Dice in South Korea)

    […] (At those prices, I could get real wooden dice that are beautiful…) […]

  2. Will

    Can I buy a single d20 out of the black and white ebony wood?

  3. boeja

    do you guys ship to europe aswel?

  4. aj

    How long would the wait be on a 10 dice set of these ?

  5. LJD (verified owner)

    I ordered a set of Fate/Fudge Black and White Ebony dice for one of my best friends for his birthday. After I had finished my order I read that it could take up to 6-8 weeks to be ready to ship. With that kind of timeline, the dice wouldn’t have arrived in time for me to give them to him for his birthday this past weekend. But the dice actually came within a week or two, so I was able to surprise him! He loves them and says they are now his official GM dice. The dice feel good and roll well. In this particular set the paler parts of the wood are a honey color with bands of the ebony black. Something to keep in mind that I didn’t even consider when ordering the dice because I don’t have a sense of smell: apparently the dice smell good. My friend said he is going to keep the dice in the container they come in to try to preserve the smell and the dice in general.

    All that put into simpler words, this is an awesome product. I will probably be ordering myself my own set of Artisan Dice someday.

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