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Native to South America, Black Mesquite has a coarse grain pattern full of black flecks. This dark wood is often used in boat building and flooring, and has even found some use as a material used in more specialiazed roles aswell. This wood very durable and resists decay well naturally already. The wood has a very fine texture and polishes to a beautiful luster when worked by Artisan Dice craftsmen.

Black Mesquite shares a namewith many other mesquite trees but is set apart by it’s dark brown heartcolorand dark bark. The Spanish that first explored South America called it “algarrobo negro” which translates to “Black carob tree.”  Its fruit, called an algarroba is a pod with a sweet starchy paste inside of it, this pos pod can be made in flower and even alcohol.

Please Note: This is the old style engraving. Your dice will be raster engraved. New pictures coming soon.

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  1. Kevin Cole

    Do you have any black mesquite 24*4*4 inches?

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