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Black Walnut is a prized species native to the United States. It is naturally found from the east coast all the way to parts of Texas and Kansas.  Black Walnut gets up to 150 feet, and is an  allelopathic species. Black walnuts’ scent has been discribed as spicy and pungent, which has lead to mixed reviews when it comes to smells.  This  pioneer species has been planeted by everyon and ting, from pioneers to squirrels,and makes up over 10 percent of the diet of a various species.

Black walnut nuts are shelled commercially in the United States. About 65% of the annual wild harvest comes from Misouri, and the largest walnut processing plant is in Missouri aswell,so I that makes sense. The wood is used in a variety of applications from fine furniture to cabinets and gun stocks. Not only is Black Walnut a great species of hardwood, it’s a tasty nut to boot.

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9 reviews for Black Walnut

  1. Michelle Stutzman

    if I supply the wood could I get a discount.we have this tree in the back yard

    • Charlie Brumfield

      no sorry.

  2. Mel

    Black Walnut dice? I think I know what I’m getting my boyfriend for Christmas this year… 🙂
    He LOVES walnut wood.

  3. Christian

    Exactly what dice are included in the 10 dice polyhedral set?

  4. Valentines Day d20's – Artisan Dice

    […] of d20 sets from Red Heart, Pink Ivory, and American Holly all wrapped up in a laser cut figured Black Walnut dice box. We’ve also got Red Heart, Pink Ivory, and American Holly d20s available […]

  5. Pirate

    This box looks a lot easier to carry around than the long thin ones. Do you still have or make any of them?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      sorry pirate we no longer make this style of box. we put up to our fans about a year ago and the overwhelmingly chose the long skinny box.

      • Justin

        Why would you insist on the long skinny ones when they’re obviously more fragile and less travel friendly? Whomever you polled gave you bad advice.

  6. Deltius

    Do the dice have numbered pips are do they look like the ones in the picture with written numbers?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      poly sets and d20 sets will have numbers d6 sets will hive pips.

  7. Jacob

    Would it be possible to supply the wood for the dice to be made of? I have some stock of walnut that i’d love to see turned into dice.

  8. Vanst

    Do all of these come with a decorative storage box and bag as shown in the picture?

  9. greg

    im trying to make couple d&d/pathfinder dice sets. D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 and D20 can you guys do this for me im not sure how to navigate the setup

    • Charlie Brumfield

      no worries, just start with the design your dice tab at the top, choose your material and the choose what kind of dice you’d like use to make for you. the set you are looking for is our 10 Dice Polyhedral set.

  10. Jpizle3 (verified owner)

    This is my first set of dice from the people here at Artisan Dice, and I am beyond happy with these dice. They are very, very light weight, and get a nice roll when tossed. I enjoy a generous roll when I toss my dice, unlike heavy metal dice that seem to bounce once, maybe twice and come to rest.

    The black walnut has a nice dark color while still maintaining the beautiful dark brown. I also chose brass inlay and am very happy with that decision. The gold-ish brass color looks fantastic on that dark brown.

    The fact that their dice sets come with 4d4 is a really, really cool twist. It really gives the set a complete, finished look.

    I am already surfing the Artisan website for my next set of dice. Well done, Artisan Dice.

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