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Bocote is a hard, dense, and fairly oily tropical wood that is that comes from parts of central and South America highly prized for its dramatic, wild striping. Bocote is generally used for its aesthetic attributes, rather than its mechanical ones. It has a few common uses, the most interesting being butt stocks for rifles; It also smells fainty of pickles when being worked. These dark brown or black streaks, which sometimes form in concentric circles, give Bocote its defining look and lend finished products a truly distinctive appearance.

Bocote may refer to several central American  Species of “Cordia” in Spanish.  The generic name honours German botanist and pharmacist Valerius Cordus (1515-1544).  Like most other Boraginaceae, the majority have tricomes  (hairs) on the leaves. In bloom,Cordia has has beautiful white flowers.

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