Brazilian Rosewood

The Holy Grail of Rosewoods, this is the bar by which all other rosewoods are judged.


Brazilian Rosewood is the ultimate wood for musical instruments, revered as the standard against which all other tonewoods are measured. It possesses a delightful, aromatic scent and remarkable acoustic properties. The exquisite hues of Brazilian Rosewood span from deep brown to brick red, orange, and even black. This hardwood is a rare find worldwide, and its export is tightly regulated, as such we can only ship these dice within the United States. Our supply comes from reclaimed stumps of trees felled in Brazil during the 1960s and 1970s.

Handcrafted Excellence

These dice are a true testament to luxury and craftsmanship. The same coveted qualities that make Brazilian Rosewood the Holy Grail of instrument woods also lend themselves beautifully to handcrafted dice. Each die, carefully carved from this exquisite hardwood, emanates a hint of this woods sweet, fragrant aroma and showcases the rich and varied markings of Brazilian Rosewood. Each set is encased in a Reliquary featuring intricate marquetry work in exotic woods.

Reliquary Gaming Case

Encased in one of our finest Reliquaries carved from genuine Canarywood, also from Brazil. Each of these reliquary features marquetry inlaid cattleya labiata, a species of vivid pink orchid, that is one of Brazil’s national flowers worked in vivid Pink Ivory, and leaves of shimmering Mahogany. The box itself has been finished out in a buck skin suede leather. And like all our Reliquaries, this one features a built in padded rolling tray in the lid.

Finely Crafted Dice

Almost ten years ago we chose our 3/4 inch scale to match standard casino dice.  Our d6’s and d20s measure 3/4 of an inch face to face the same as those casino dice. Each of these dice of has been crafted from  Brazilian Rosewood with a brass inlay and French polished to a glass smooth finish. 

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