Bubinga (African Rosewood)


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Sometimes referred to as African Rosewood, Bubinga is a gorgeous exotic wood species, with a variety of exciting grain patterns and striking red, brown, and purple tones. Bubinga is quite hard and heavy with a nice uniform grain. This stock makes an excellent set of matched dice on account of the consistent grain.

Bubinga may be loved as much for its quirky name as it is for its strength and beauty. Also sometimes called Kevazingo, usually in reference to its decorative rotary-cut veneer. It comes in as many diffrent grain patterns as someone can image and has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.  It is a large evergreen tree 60 feet tall found in open woodland and dry forest, almost exclusively on Kalahari Sand in Angola, southern Democratic Rapublic of the Congo, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.


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