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Canary wood is the trade name for a number of species of tulip trees in the Liriodendron family that grow in a wide swath of South America. These trees got their name from the flowers that are superficially resemblent of tulips. The Minions love working with this wood because it is easy to work and give off a lovely scent when being machined.

Canarywood is renown for it’s acoustic properties aswell; wood working forums and comments sections are filled with folks remarking about it’s tonal quality. It is characterized by a canary yellow coloration with vivid orange to red striations. This stuff is beautiful. Gearhead side note: Stacy David, from the TV Show Gearz, used Canary wood in the bed of his Copperhead Project.

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  1. Ritz

    I would like to purchase just a pair of these dice (Standard 6 Sided). Is that possible?

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