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Chakte Kok Polyhedral DiceChakte Kok is a buttery smooth wood related to Chake Viga. It has a vivid red color that will fade in strong UV light to orange (keep these dice out of the sun if you want them to stay red). It can have strongly defined stripes of red and blue/black and when it does they look amazing. Also known as Red Heart, (though they are two different species their wood is identical and often sold interchangeably) Chakte Kok is native to Southern Mexico, Brazil and Paraguay.

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9 reviews for Chakte Kok

  1. Are poly’s of this available yet, or post KS?

    • They are on the kickstarter right now, and will be available on our site afterwards.

  2. Would you ever consider selling individual D20’s rather than a 10 dice set (for all your materials) or does the cost not allow it? I was also wondering which dice are in the 10-dice polyhedral set.

  3. Does the set of 5 come with a box?

    • yup

  4. If I buy standard 6 sided do I get numbers or pips?

    • pips on the 6 sided sets

  5. Hello! I am trying to get a dice set for d&d, 1d20, 1d12, 1d10, 1d00, 1d8, 3 or even 4d6, and 1d4. Whenever i pick a wood i like, i cant pick the option for a d&d set, do you guys do these dice?

    • you are looking for the 10 dice polyhedral set. it has everything you need for d&d.

  6. Hi there artisans!
    I have ordered a few 6 sided dice at the beginning of april – Now I know you guys are fairly buisy thank god, but as this will be a gift and I want to make a voucher for the receiver, can you give me an estimate how long theese usualy take to make? You know so I can write it in the voucher so he knows when to expect them. All the best over there!

    • Hi there,
      I allready got an email no need to replay fellas. Thank you for your service!

  7. Hi,

    I sent an e-mail inquiring wither if I could get the box the 10 Dice Polyhedral Set comes with engraved?

  8. hello! love the look of these dice! what is the “Fudge” dice set include?

  9. Can you explain to me what the inlay option means

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