Cinnamon Dice


Crafted from the bark of the cinnamon tree, these dice feature the heady aroma of one of our most beloved spices. For millennia, cinnamon bark has been a prized spice in culinary applications. It’s not only the bark that’s useful, though; these trees’ leaves, flowers, fruits, and roots have been utilized for both cooking and medicinal purposes.


The creation of our cinnamon dice begins with sourcing premium cinnamon bark from sustainable and responsibly managed forests. Each piece of bark is chosen for its unique curl, ensuring that no two dice are alike. The selected bark undergoes thorough drying and curing to give the cinnamon sticks their signature curl and preserve its natural scent. Once ready, the cinnamon bark is skillfully cast in a high-quality, crystal-clear resin using a proprietary technique that captures every intricate detail and texture. The result is a set of visually captivating dice that offer a delightful gaming experience and pay homage to cinnamon’s rich culinary history. With our cinnamon bark dice, players can infuse their gaming sessions with a touch of nature’s splendor and indulge in the delicious aroma that only these unique dice can provide.

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