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This amazing wood and is one of our best sellers. Cocobolo is a Rosewood from Mexico and has some of the most brilliant coloration of any Rosewood, with colors ranging from deep purply browns to a fiery orange when fresh cut, that deepens to a vibrant red orange as it ages.

Dungeon Masters Dice Upgrade: Each of the next 10 polyhedral sets of Cocobolo Dice sold will include a bonus D20 and has a 1 of those set will be upgraded to include a brass inlay as shown below.



Dungeon Masters Dice Upgrade:  Each of the next 10 polyhedral sets of Cocobolo Dice sold will include a bonus D20 and has a 1 in 10 chance of being upgraded to include a brass inlay as shown below.

Cocobolo wood, originating from Central America, is known for its exquisite beauty and incredible durability. Its vibrant colors, ranging from orange to reddish-brown and dark streaks, create a visually captivating appearance. Thanks to its high density and hardness, cocobolo is remarkably resistant to wear and damage, and its fine dense grain allows for an incredibly polished finish.

Cocobolo’s, rich colors, and distinctive grain patterns make it one of the most ideal exotic woods for a finely crafted dice set. The choice of wood not only influences the appearance but also contributes to the tactile feel and weight of the dice, enhancing the overall gaming experience. Regardless of its base color, Cocobolo has a some of the wildest striping we see in any wood we use in our dice. All of our cocobolo is sustainably harvested in to help facilitate the conservation of this remarkable species.

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3 reviews for Cocobolo

  1. Jack

    Am I correct in thinking that this is one of the woods that come unfinished?

    • Mari

      Hi Jack, in answer to that very good question, we do lacquer our Cocobolo dice.

  2. Laura

    If this has a lacquer finish on it – will it still patina and turn vibrant orange from the oil in our hands?

  3. Nate (verified owner)

    I have had these Cocobolo dice from Artisandice for about two years now. I used them 8hrs a week when I first got them, im on a dnd hiatus which I hope to end soon. The dice have held up tremendously well. No cracking in the wood, dings or anything. I take good care of them, they are almost of a heirloom lol. Hope this helps future buyers. The only thing negative I have to say is that it took months to get them after paying, however everytime I look and hold the dice that quickly vanishs and I no longer care. These are the most breathtaking dice Ive ever seen and Ive been to many conventions and dnd campaigns. Cheers to Artisan dice.

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