Displacer Beast Dice

 Our Alchemists have began summoning Displacer Beasts!

We’ve Created A Monster

The Minions are at it again, toying with dark forces deep within the bowels of the shop! We try to let them have their dark rituals and alchemical experiments as it lets them blow off steam after a long day.  Sometimes that results in some truly stunning dice. Other times it brings out the odd eldritch horror or unseelie fey, such is the nature of mortals meddling with that in which they could not possibly comprehend.

Let us hope beyond hope that the Minion’s dark rituals have resulted in the former and not the latter this time around as we introduce you to their latest creation, Displacer Beast Dice.

Handcrafted Excellence

The process of crafting our dice takes an extensive amount of time and skill on any level.  When we create one of our specialty sets like these, however, the amount of hand work required increases significantly.

To make these dice we bonded two separate blanks together, using special holographic film to give it that disappearing shimmer. Just like its Displacer Beast name sake.

Displacer Beast Lore

Displacer Beasts are terrifying, catlike, pack hunters with 6 legs and horny tentacles coming from their shoulders. They are sentient, evil, and possess the ability to bend light so they can appear feet from where they are, making them hard to target and a nightmare to face in combat.

Oni and Fey nobility use them as pets, and guards. These 9 foot long monsters are trained to hunt unicorns and other mythical creatures. They are hearty and powerful despite their emaciated appearance.  Many Displacer beasts walk the world with a belly full of the flesh of unprepared, or over zealous adventurers.

The “Displacement” Effect

These dice have been specially crafted to mimic the legendary displacement effect of the creature they are named after. We started with our ever popular Optically Clear Acrylic dice and carefully inserted a holographic layer film in the material.  This combines the crystal clear nature of the polymethel methacrylate with the light manipulation of the holographic film to create an illusory shimmer effect that comes and goes as the die rolls. 

True Clarity Exemplified

Polymethyl Methacrylate, was invented in 1928 and has been used in everything from fighter jet canopies to armored cars thanks to its ultra strong and shatter resistant nature. Since its inception Methacrylate has been synthesized in about a dozen different methods leading to twice that many trademarked names for poly(methyl methacrylate). Each of our Acrylic dice are individually machined solid poly(methyl methacrylate) that was vaccum cast to ensure the complete absense of micro bubbles and optimum clarity. Then each face of every die is hand ground and polished in 5 stages to final size and optimal clarity. This process is labor intensive but as you can see, it produces far superior results.

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