Guano Caste


Guano Caste is medium sized tree, that gets upwards of 100 feet. It has a huge, spherical crown that often seems to be as wide at the tree is tall. Guano Caste is considered to be among the most majestic and beautiful trees in its native range. It is the definition of hardy and can thrive in almost any low elevation, or tropical climates. It has nearly a 100% germination rate, so it ain’t going anywhere any time soon. The orejón tree is believed to provide medical benefits. In Mexican medicine, the sap is thought to aid in illnesses such as the flu and bronchitis, while the astringent properties of its green fruit is used for diarrhea. The fruit and bark also contain tannins, which are useful for leather curing and soap manufacturing, while the sap can be used as a natural adhesive or substitute for glue, or chewed as a type of gum.


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