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Hickory was an indispensable wood to the settlers. Its tough hard wood was and still is used extensively for tool handles and wheel spokes. President Andrew Jackson was even called “Old Hickory” because of his tough and aggressive personality. The Hickory tree actually covers 19 species of tree. The particular Hickory we use Texas Swamp Hickory. It grows in the swampy creek bottoms of my native East Texas and is a close relative of the Pecan. It’s often used as a smoking wood since it burns long and imparts a wonderful flavor to meat. The wood is a medium tan color with insect marks interspersed throughout. These markings giving Swamp Hickory a wonderful character.

Swamp Hickory, also called  Pignut Hickory, has a native range that stretches from northern New England to the Louisiana/Texas border. While this tree is large, (90 feet tall) It is almost shade intolerant, meaning that in developmental years, it needs space and room to absorb plenty of sunlight.

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2 reviews for Hickory (Swamp)

  1. Tirus

    I would love a set of hickory dice. How much for a full polyhedron set?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      now the the kickstarter has ended we will be adding the prices to the website shortly.

      • Tirus

        Thanks for the quick reply. These dice are so awesome!

  2. Ashton

    Is there a way to see the actual dice made of each specific wood?

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