Jack Daniel’s

Oak Barrel Dice

What could be better for the iconic fantasy tavern setting than a set of dice handcrafted from a barrel of fine aged whiskey?

Tennessee Distilled 

Jack Daniel’s has been around since 1866 and grown to be one of the most popular American whiskeys in the world. Their master distillers have fine tuned the process of creating the signature spirit and made it a staple of Lynchburg, Tennessee.

Texas Crafted

The final stage of the distillation process is our favorite, aging and storage in handcrafted barrels of White Oak. When their job is done aging whiskey, the Oak barrels are shipped off to the Artisan Dice shop here in Mesquite, Texas where they find new life as a set of finely handcrafted dice.

7 Years Aged

Having been cut from the staves of a genuine Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrel, you could say this stock has been in good spirits for the last seven years. That’s how long the whiskey is aged before the barrels are replaced. The barrels are coopered by hand, from charred white oak and metal hoops.

The aging process causes the wood to be premeated with whiskey and cracking open a brand new barrel is always an event around here as the first look at the black charring inside is paired with the strong aroma of Tennessee whiskey.

Charred White Oak

Jack Daniel’s whiskey barrels are made from White Oak, a common domestic hard wood that is used in many applications.  The wood  is used for just about everything including cabinetry, furniture, interior trim, flooring, veneer, and of course barrels.

The charred inside of a whiskey barrel adds a distinct smokey flavor to the beverage but it also gives the dice crafted from it a unique added flair.  The D6s in our polyhedral sets come with the 6 side bearing that fine black char.

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