Katalox (Mexican Ebony)




Katalox (pronounced kata-low-sh) is also called Mexican Ebony. It is a wonderful substitute for ebony, in my opinion it far surpasses any of the ebonies in sheer beauty. Using Katalox as a mere substitute for ebony is a travesty, however, since it overlooks the inherent qualities of the wood that put it a step above any ebony. Katalox is the color of blackberries and polishes to a full rich shine that enhances the deep burgundy and purple tones of the wood. Katalox is not black, even though it can pass for black, upon closer inspection there is a myriad of deep reds and rich royal violets just below the surface.



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3 reviews for Katalox (Mexican Ebony)

  1. Phil Yellott

    I would like a polyhedral set of these, how much would that cost?

  2. Gin

    How much would a full set (9 or 10 depending on the number of d6) cost? Can you do a 100 sided die? If so, how much would that cost? Thanks!

  3. Joshua Stanley

    can you do metal inlays for numbers?

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