Kopi Luwak Civet Poop Dice

Lovingly crafted from the finest of coffee beans to have ever been pooed from a semifeline’s hindquarters.

A Flavorful Full Bodied Poo

If you were to lick these dice you’d immediately notice a remarkably smooth flavor. It has a light, almost pillowy texture that floats in your mouth for several seconds after swallowing. Kaya Kopi is intensely aromatic and even more flavorful. You may taste and smell hints of citrus, jasmine, honey and/or chocolate depending on your batch and the current harvest season. Though tasty, we don’t recommend chewing on these dice as they are quite hard.

Kopi Luwak Civet Coffee Polyhedral Dice

Sought The World Over

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For some inexpicabale reason someone took one look at a steaming pile of Asian palm civet poo and said to themselves, “Mmmm….. that looks absloutly delicious.” These days, that prized poo is sought the world over, by coffee aficinadoes looking for the finest of caffine fixes. 

The Prized Poo

Crafted from coffee beans sourced only from genuine wild collected civet poos, these dice retain that rich smooth kopi luwak aroma making them an extra special set to open at your next game table. These dice have been infilled with golden ink to compliment the rich buttery chocolate colors of the kopi luwak beans.  

A Free Range Poo

 Owing to the coffee’s popularity, civet’s are now being raised in some pretty abhorrent conditions for their poos.  And while we have no issues with responsible animal husbandry, some of these civet farms are anything but responsible, to that end we source all of our kopi luwak beans only from guaranteed wild collected sources. Yes this does cost more, but we’d rather support responsible and sustainable animal husbandry over factory farming. 

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Kopi Luwak Civet Coffee Polyhedral Dice



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