Manticore Dice

Manticores are truly monstrous beings. Gigantic beasts with the body of lions or tigers, the wings of a dragon, the head of a man, and a tail made of a deadly ball of spikes.

Persian Roots

The earliest known encounters with the Manticore occurred in ancient Persia and were recorded by the Greek Pausanias during his travels with the court of King Artaxerxes II. Known then by the Persian, Martyaxwar, which literally translates to ‘man-eater’. This fearsome chimera of a beast complete with tooh, claw, and  tail full of spiked barbes were know to hunt and ate men.

Deadly, Violent Hunters of Men.

Like any group of Adventurers, our crew of minions possess far more bravado than common sense, and thus happily set out on an epic quest to the wind swept wilds of Delimbiyr Vale along the Savage Frontier to hunt these hunters of men and bring back their barbed tails as trophies. Which of course we’ve have crafted in to the tools of adventuring trade, so that other intrepid Adventures might be aided on their quest to rid the lands of this most evil blight. 

An Evil Hunger

Manticores, like their sphinx cousins are intelligent creatures.  But unlike the sphinx, Manticores lack the scruples to give their quarry the fair chance of solving a riddle before becoming their dinner. No, these vile creatures hunger for the flesh of man above all others and enjoy paralyzing their prey so as to consume them alive. 

Spikey Bois

Fluff aside, these dice are crafted from the bane of the Southern spring time, Sweet Gum Balls. If you’ve never had the pleasure of stepping bare foot on the seed pod of a sweet gum tree, please allow me to assure you, they pack a sting, as painful as a Manticore’s if just a bit less deadly. When encapsulated in resin, they bring the essence of the Manticore to your gaming table. 

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