Myconid Dice

These dice were grown in the perpetual black of the Underdark and the deep Feywilds from the distilled essence of the Fungus Folk.

Fungus Folk

Myconids resemble giant fungi growing nearly 12 feet tall with pudgy legs and arms both of which end in three stumpy digits. Their dark coloration and bioluminescence make for an unearthly appearance. Though they are known to secrete a poisonous ooze from their flesh, most of the Fungus Folks are docile, even friendly, with the notable exception of the venom spores who are violent and warlike.

Braving The Underdark

Our crack team of Minions delved the depths of the dark, dangerous, and deadly Underdark to procure the bioluminescent spores of the fabled Myconids. Unsure of the dangers presented by this unique alchemical reagent, they were far too concerned with whether or not they could, and worried not at all for whether they should, The Minions may have unwittingly unleashed a denizen of the Underdark upon our surface world. This may or may not be the cause of the Myconid’s spread in to the darkest regions of the Feywild.

Black Mushrooms

Combining the glowing essence of sentient Myconids with the blackest mushrooms to grow on the surface world surely couldn’t be a bad idea could it? These dice are crafted from desiccated wood ear, aka black mushroom, and sprinkled with the glowing essence of their Underdark kin.

Please be aware that in the unlikely event your dice suddenly sprout to a 12ft tall monstrosity and begins to terrorizes dogs and/or small children, Artisan Dice assumes no responsibility and shall not be held liable for any traumatic experiences that may result from any entirely theoretical mushroom related episodes.

Myconid Spores

The spores used to create the unearthly luminous effects in our Myconid dice were obtained directly from the sentient species themselves and distilled to increase their luminosity. As a side effect, the potency of the spores may or may not have been enhanced, should you notice any feelings of distress, telepathic communication, unreasonable reproduction urges, or feelings of euphoria or mind control; proceed to a well ventilated area, any unwanted spore effects should diminish in 6 – 12 hours. For reproduction urges lasting more that 4 hours please see a physician to avoid potentially life altering side effects.

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