Optically Clear Acrylic (Cinnabar)


Acrylic, or poly(methyl methacrylate), was invented in 1928 and first marketed in 1933 as safety glass thanks to its shatter resistant nature. Since its inception Methacrylate has been synthesized in about a dozen different methods leading to twice that many trademarked names for poly(methyl methacrylate). Names like Lucite, Plexiglass, ACRYLITE, and Perspex are all essentially the exact same thing with some very minor differences due in part to how the methacrylate was produced. The PMMA we use in crafting our Alchemist’s Dice is manufactured by Lucite.

Acrylics are used in many applications from aquariums, to helmet visors, and even bulletproof body panels for armored vehicle. It’s also used for aircraft canopies and in making ballistic glass. Depending on the application, acrylic is either produced in a casting process or it is extruded, as is the case with the acrylic beads used in injection molding. We chose cast acrylic rod as our base material over, the much less expensive, extruded acrylic as the casting process gives us a significantly increased optical clarity.

alchemist dice compairsonEach of our Acrylic dice are individually machined and the polished in 5 stages to bring back the optimal clarity and luster inherent to cast acrylic. This process is labor intensive but as you can see in the image to the right, it produces far superior results to injection molded acrylic dice.

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer use laser cut acrylic boxes, all of our dice have been upgraded to include our standard box as chosen above.

alchemists dice boxes

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Optically Clear Acrylic (Cinnabar)
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4 reviews for Optically Clear Acrylic (Cinnabar)

  1. john parker

    Ordered these back on 12 of december and still have no update on them.

    When ordered was told that they were instock and ready to ship.

    Please send me an update

  2. Elhem (verified owner)

    Be careful, on your deadlines, it is necessary to order minimum 3 months in advance because they have many delays, (I ordered on March 20th and received it on June 18th).
    This full polyhedral set is really magnificent and sent to an beautiful and engraved wooden box. I’m really happy and it’s a wonderful birthday present ! 🙂
    Thank you very much ! 😉

  3. Elhem (verified owner)

    Faites attention à vos dates limites (pour un anniversaire par exemple), car ils ont beaucoup de commandes et donc beaucoup de retards. Commandez de préférence au moins 3 mois à l’avance !
    Le set complet est vraiment magnifique et envoyé dans une jolie boite en bois ronde gravée, c’est super beau !
    Ce sera un très joli cadeau d’anniversaire, merci beaucoup !! 😉

  4. Karin Rindevall (verified owner)

    These dice are lovely! Managed to get the wooden box last minute, and am very thankful for that!

    The making and shipping of these dice took exactly 3 months, as expected, and I live in Sweden.

    Thank you so much! Been looking for dice like these for some time, and I am very happy with the result.

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