Ostrich Bone Dice


Crafted from the bones of the largest bird on the planet. These dice are available in full polyhedral sets and single twenty-sided dice in black cherry. These terrifying flightless murder birds have been menacing the earth for over 60 million years, with the earliest fossils found in Mongolia.


Ostrich photo by Catherine Merlin via Unsplash

The dinosaur chicken is a track star of the savannah. Ostriches are the biggest, heaviest birds on the planet, with powerful legs that can cold cock a lion or win the Kentucky Derby. No joke, these Jurassic leftovers sprint at speeds of up to 45 miles per hour and have been known to unalive the king of the jungle with their powerful kicks and razor-sharp talons. Ostriches aren’t just two-legged murder machines; they’re fashionistas strutting around the African grasslands in a contrasting black-and-white floofy feathered fashion show. And those unsettlingly large round eyes of theirs? They’re 33% larger than their brains. Their eyes are so big they weigh as much as an entire parakeet. These built-in binoculars let the kiju sizes chickens see predators from across the vast plains of the savannah. Ostriches are no joke the second scariest bird on the planet.



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Dice Weight (1d20)

97 grains

Material Density

-- LBS/FT^3

Material Hardness


This number is in Mohs except for our wooden dice which are listed in Janka

Country of Origin


Material Color

Resin stabilized bone, color varies, set in clear resin.

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Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing your investment is covered under our lifetime warranty.

Made In Texas

Our dice are made in our state of the art facilities in Dallas, Texas by skilled craftsmen using the finest materials available.

Lifetime Warranty

We understand that you value your dice collection. We do too. That’s why all of our dice are covered under our lifetme warranty.

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Handcrafted for the discerning gamer. Our dice are crafted from premium materials with luxurious craftsmanship.

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