Rengas Tiger


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Freaking beautiful! Rengas Tiger is an Indonesian wood and is a deep red color with light brown to yellow stripes that can appear metallic. Its beauty does come with a cost. Rengas Tiger wood can cause dermatitis or severe allergic reactions much like poison ivy and also headaches fever and vomiting. (Oh goody poisonous wood!) Luckily for us none of the minions are allergic to it. However, you won’t need to worry about any of these reactions as the dust and sap cause them and you will come into contact with neither of them as the dice are sealed in lacquer.

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2 reviews for Rengas Tiger

  1. Paul Meerscheidt

    Are these avail?

  2. Wesley

    These are beautiful looking dice and I would love to get some as a Christmas gift, any chance they’ll become available?

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