Rainbow Dice (ROYGBIV)

The true beauty of Mother Nature’s color pallet crafted in to a masterful set of exotic wooden dice.  

Behold the Rainbow

This set was masterminded by our customers nearly a decade ago. A set of dice crafted from the finest of exotic woods representing each color of the rainbow. Well here it is in all  7 spectrums of glory. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.  The full ROYGBIV. 

Handcrafted Excellence

Simply put we make best dice on the planet. This collection of rainbow hued exotics are no exception. Sourced from trees all over the New World, these dice represent 7 different countries spread across North and South America, as well as the Caribbean.  

A Rainbow of Exotic Woods

Each dice in our ROYGBIV sets is crafted from an exotic species selected for its natural color. There are no stains or dyes used. What you see is the natural color of the wood.

This collection of rainbow hued dice crafted from exotic woods come nestled in one of our signature Maple Reliquaries

Now Available in Epic Scale!

Ask and you shall receive. Some of yall said there wasn’t enough rainbow in our standard scale, please allow us to remedy that by introducing our Big Ass Rainbow Dice.  Thee sets include all the same woods as our standard 3/4″ scale dice sets, but weight in at roughly 8 times the volume and weight, measuring in at a hefty 1.5″ scale. These dice are sure to leave an impression at your next game night.  

Nature’s Vibrant Colors

Nature’s color pallet has a bountiful range of colors if you know where to look. Each wood selected for our ROYGBIV sets was chosen after an exhaustive search of available wood species. They were chosen for their natural vibrance and light fastness, these woods will retain their color for life.  

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