Scotch Rock d20s

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Expected Restock Date: Winter 2022


These Scotch Rock d20s are crafted from black architectural-grade soapstone. Which gives these dice a dark charcoal coloration that makes for easily read numbers thanks to high-contrast engraving. Soapstone can be worked with regular wood working tools, and when it turns to dust it magically becomes baby powder, keeping the minions’ hands soft and supple. The Architectural-grade soapstone used in this run has a much lower talc content than the artist-grade stone we used in the original Scotch Rock d20s, and thus makes for a much more durable die.

Soapstone has many uses from countertops and fireplaces to pipes and figurines. My favorite use for soapstone is whiskey stones. That’s right: pop these bad boys in the freezer and give a new meaning to the term “on the rocks”.

Scotch on the Rocks Each of these sets includes three d20s in a stamped steel case. Why three, you ask? Because that is the perfect number for keeping a highball glass of scotch nice and frosty.

CARE AND KEEPING OF YOUR SCOTCH ROCKS: soapstone has a tendency to get a powdered appearance when it dries out. Occasionally wetting the dice with mineral oil will help to maintain the black lustrous appearance. If you intend to roll these, it is best to use a padded surface.

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Weight 4.1 oz

14 reviews for Scotch Rock d20s

  1. Pirate

    Every time you work in soapstone, it looks crisper!

  2. Jedite83

    Beautiful work. When you get more in stock I need to pick up a set for the

  3. Teeny

    would love to order a set when the next run is available!

    • Charlie Brumfield

      Just added a few more sets for the post holiday run

  4. Julie Fetcho

    Yes, this is awesome and I would love to order in the next run. Please let me know how/when.

    Thanks much!

    • Charlie Brumfield

      Just added a few more sets to order for the post holiday run

  5. Francois Michel

    Well, I love the idea, but those are crazy expensive, I think. How come ?

  6. TImotthy

    For the Post Holiday run what is the expected shipping wait time? If it’s not too long I will purchase a set later today.

    • TImotthy

      And would they be a viable d20? Or would they deteriorate or scuff quickly?

  7. poesraven1845

    So I purchased 8 sets and I cannot remember if the EDIT: the 9 sets in this run have sold out. if you would still like a set, we are taking orders for the next run which will be made when we return form the holidays” was posted when I ordered. In either case if I was the one who ordered the last remaining sets or will just have to wait for the other runs after the holidays I was curious what would be the estimated time to receive them?

  8. philip

    Wow, just got mine. These are incredible. I will roll them for sure and I guess I should just take up drinking scotch for when I’m using my other dice…

  9. SchalaCat

    Just got ours and cannot be more pleased! They are lovely and my husband loves them! They will be put to good use as he is both a GM and a scotch drinker 😉

    Though I wish I had paid more attention to where you guys are located, I would have just come down for a visit as you’re just the other side of Dallas from us! LoL

  10. michael luis

    The dice are great. Shipping took longer than I thought but the end product was beautiful. I would recommend them.

  11. Heidi

    Will you be doing another run of these? They will be the perfect gift for my husband!

    • Charlie Brumfield

      we were having some issues with the lastest updates to our website that caused a few items to show up as unavialable for purchase. we are correcting those issues now and should have everything copacetic shortly

  12. Erin Kistner

    Would love to get one for my husband! Is there any possibility of getting one before Christmas? (I am also eyeing the ancient bogwood for him)

  13. Mike Garcia (verified owner)

    The stone cut is clean and the weight feels fantastic, I don’t know if I should roll them or keep them just for scotch. Only small detail is that one of them has a slight irregular vein in the material that didn’t allow one of the sides to be crisply engraved with the 20, but I guess that after a few sips of whiskey I won’t really care. Thank you!

  14. Katiana

    I would love these for a gift. How long till more are available?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      we will be making more this spring.

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