Bluebonnet Dice

“The bluebonnet is to Texas what the shamrock is to Ireland, the cherry blossom to Japan, the lily to France, the rose to England and the tulip to Holland.” 

-Jack MaGuire

The Bluebonnet

In the early days of America, the bluebonnet was known by many different names: wolf flower, buffalo clover, blue lupine, and el conejo often took precedence over the verbiage we now use today. Did you know, the name “bluebonnet” is used for more than one plant? That’s right, the plant you know as “The” bluebonnet, is actually, “a” bluebonnet, one name for 6 plants of the same species is impressive, and all of the species share the brilliant blue that we love and expect from this Native Texas flower.

Handcrafted Excellence

This year, we are kicking off Texas Independence Day with something as Texan as barbeque, bluebonnet dice. Our Texas bluebonnets are suspended in resin, shaped and hand sanded with care. The numbers are laser engraved, and hand infilled with gold leaving you with a set of dice as Texan as the shop they came out of.

The Flower of Texas

 By the time the first Spanish explorers landed on Texas and loved the brilliant blue of this native Texas flower. The Native Americans were already spinning folklore about it. The Spanish “padres” (priests) would plant these around their missions and even had some thinking it came from Spain! In 1901, Texas decided to adopt one of the Bluebonnet species, specifically Lupinus subcarnosus, as her state flower. This caused issues and 70 years later, every species of bluebonnet was included as the Texas state flower.

Crafted from Genuine Bluebonnets

These Dice have been crafted from Texas grown Bluebonnets lovingly picked by expert minion hands.  Once picked the flowers are dried and then set in an optically clear resin ready to be machined in to their perfect polyhedral shapes. The numbers of which have been infilled with golden ink.

While these dice look amazing in a Texas Mesquite Reliquary, they ship in our standard steel tins. If you’d like one of our Reliquaries you can add one to your order using the reliquary link at the top of the page.

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