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Tulipwood is an exotic wood native to the tropical region of South America, mainly Brazil. It is a hard and heavy wood, with a rather fine texture. Tulipwood has irregular streaks of yellow, rose and red or violet on a cream to straw colored background. Dice made from Tulipwood take on an excellent polish. Most of our Tulipwood stock ranges in tone between the two images you see here.

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3 reviews for Tulipwood

  1. Jaqueline

    i would like to have each of the 6 sides of the dice to have a letter intead of a number ( M, TV, S, L, SH, A)

    • Charlie Brumfield

      hi jaqueline

      please message me via the contact us page with how many dice your like to order and what side are to have what letters (i.e. 1 = m, tv = 2, s = 3, l = 4, sh = 5, a =6), and i can send you an invoice for your order.

  2. Julian

    Is this wood still available in your inventory?

  3. April Fools' – Artisan Dice

    […] Dice style? Want to jerk your GM’s chain? Why not let him roll you fancy new hand crafted Tulipwood d20? Who knows how long it will take him to figure out the #20 has been replaced with a second #1. […]

  4. jon (verified owner)

    6’s were a bit dark but all the other sides were beautiful.

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