Warthog Tusk Dice


Crafted from the durable, ivory-like tusks of the African Warthog, these dice possess the pizzaz of Pumbaa encased in a crystal clear resin.  Available as individual twenty-sided dice or complete polyhedral sets.


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Pumbaa is the iconic warthog. Along with his sidekick Timon, he made the Lion King Franchise what it is today. But warthogs are more that just a loveable character from an animated movie or three. Warthogs are african pigs. They are renowned for their distinctive tusky appearance and outsized attitude. Their heads are adorned with protruding tusks and distinctive facial warts and these muddy balls of 4 legged fury are a common sight across the savannas and woodlands of sub-Saharan Africa. Their tusks are used to root through vegetation, dig burrows for safety and lodging, as well as fend off rival warthogs or predators looking for a meal. Despite their seemingly ungainly appearance and short legged stature, warthogs can sprint at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour, fast enough to catch an unsuspecting human. Warthogs are well-adapted to their environment with bristly hairs that offer protection against the harsh African sun and spiny vegetation.

Warthogs are social animals and are found in groups called sounders which is typically led by a dominant female. Within these sounders, cooperative behaviors such as mutual grooming and protection of the young are observed. While females and their offspring form the core of the group, males are often solitary or gather in small bachelor groups. Hence, why Pumbaa was wandering around the with Timon. Warthogs are opportunistic omnivores, feeding on a diverse array of vegetation, roots, bulbs, fruits, insects, and occasionally small as well as not so small animals from time to time. Their strong tusks are not only used for digging up food but also serve as formidable weapons. Despite facing threats from large carnivores and human hunters, African warthogs thrive in their native habitats; since like all pigs, warthogs will have several litters a year of up to 12 piglets in each litter which can lead to rapid overpopulation like we see in places like Texas where pigs have no natural predators. Lucky for the African savannahs, there is a plethora of large carnivorous cats, hyenas, and hungry crocodiles that are definitely aching for some bacon. 




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