Wildebeest Bone Dice


Crafted from the bones of the mighty wildebeest, These dice are available as twenty-sided dice. These masters of migration have been roaming the African plains for over 20 million years. Also known as Gnu, named for the sound they make, the mighty wildebeest comes in two flavors, the Blue and the Black Wildebeest, both of which are found extraordinarily delicious by Africa’s carnivorous denizens.


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With hordes of Mongol proportions, this key stone species is the walking buffet of the African plains. Stomping through the savannah they help manage vegetation with their constant munching of grasses and churn the soil with the mighty hoof beats, which create biodiversity by promoting the coexistence of various plant and animal species. Their migrations across the Serengeti prevent overgrazing in specific areas and help spread their organic, gluten free fertilizers across the Serengeti. This allow the ecosystem to recover from the locust like feasting and maintain a balanced distribution of plant life.

Wildebeests are a primary food source for nearly all major predators in the savannah, including lions, hyenas, cheetahs, and crocodiles. This walking buffet is so tasty that the massive herds attract lion prides, hordes of hyenas, and clog river crossings with crocodiles, all trying to merc a delicious wildebeest for their supper. This not only sustains the carnivore populations but also helps regulate the herbivore numbers, preventing overgrazing.

In order to fill this all you can eat buffet wildebeests have to be prolific breeders. Each herd produces hundreds of calves each year, which hit the ground running and can keep up with the rest of the herd after only two days!! But those calves got to be fast to outrun a hungry cheetah.

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