Big Ass d20s

Our ever popular Big Ass d20s now with 100% more Mini Me! Just enter code “MiniMe” at checkout to receive a free standard-sized d20 with your order.

Big Ass Scale

These dice are massive. Coming in at 8 times the volume and weight of our standard sized ¾” d20s and measuring a full 1½” face to face (roughly the perfect size to fit in a minion’s palm), they are guaranteed to make your players cower in fear, or your DM green with envy.

Our Big Ass d20s are crafted from solid billets of exotic woods and at this scale the grain and figure of these exotic woods is showcased in a manner that just isn’t possible at our standard ¾” scale.

Handcrafted Excellence

The process of crafting our dice takes an extensive amount of time and skill on any level.  When we create at our Big Ass scale, however, the attention to detail is of particular importance.  Larger surfaces mean that the pattern and texture in the wood grain can be displayed to a far better extent, but it also means that imperfections are far more noticeable. With that in mind we take extra care in creating an Artisan crafted product.

After their initial machining, each die gets treated with special care, being shaped and inlaid by hand.

Game of Chance

You don’t get into the business of making dice without some appreciation for chance and probability.

When you order one of our Big Ass Dice our Artisans will randomly select from an assortment of d20s crafted from a variety of exotic woods picked from our Druid’s, Archdruid’s, or Gaea’s Preserve lines.

Due to popular demand, we have crafted 100 Big Ass D20s for this run. This is twice the number from previous years. Like every one of our Big Ass Dice runs, 10% of the dice are inlaid with real metal numbers.

One Mammoth d20

A horde of loot would not be complete without a hidden legendary item hidden in the mix.  That’s where our Big Ass Mammoth d20 comes in!

Each run of Big Ass dice includes one crafted from 50,000 year old Mammoth Tusk Ivory.

Ask and You Shall Receive

We are always looking for ways to improve what we do and looking to the questions we frequently answer is always a good place to start. Our customers asked us to add a protective tin to our Big Ass D20s to match the rest of our line.  Each die now comes nestled in its own Stamped Steel Tin with our standard foam lining and wood insert for safety.

Another question posed to us quite often is what species of wood was selected to send.  With our extensive inventory of wood species, it can be difficult to identify a random material.  Each Big Ass d20 now comes with a certificate inside the steel tin that bears the name of the wood you have received, for vastly easier identification.

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