Dice Box of Many Things


Looking for the perfect gift for that special gamer someone? Or are you just not sure exactly what species of wood to choose for your first set? Maybe you just want a little more random in your life. Then you my friend need a Dice Box of Many Things! New for 2020 we’re upgrading our standard engraving from our traditional outline engraving to the much crisper raster engraving giving all of our new sets solid easy to read numbers. Every one of our Dice Box of Many Things sets consists of one Full Polyhedral dice set (1d20, 1d12, 1d10, 1d%, 1d8, 4d6, & 1d4) crafted from a randomly chosen exotic wood in our Druid’s, Archdruid’s, or Gaea’s Preserve collection all wrapped up in a Stamped Steel display case. Every dice set in our Dice Box of Many Things, also includes an Assorted d20 chosen at random. All DBoMT sets are in-stock and ready to ship. The first 100 sets of 2020 are available at our lowest price ever, just $83!!!

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