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These dice have been crafted from compressed hops then infilled with a metallic copper ink. And yes the do smell strongly of Hops. Hops was first used in beer sometime during the 9th century. Over the next few hundred years it would almost entirely replace the traditional gruit used to flavor what we now call beer. More on that in a minute because first we must discuss what exactly a hop is.

Hops aka Humulus Lupulus (the common hop) is a voraciously growing flowering vine in the Cannabaceae family. Yes that cannabis, they are distantly related, though it’s probably not a good idea to smoke a hop. The common hop plant is native to all continents in the North Hemisphere, Europe, Asia, and North America. It’s flowers are quite aromatic, and are know to attract butterflies. The female cone shaped seed pods are are of particular interest, as that is what is used to both flavor and preserve beer, thanks to it’s bitter flavor and anti bacterial properties. (This shall be of some importance later in the history of hops.)

Hops Flower in Hallertau Cermany. Courtsey of Wikipedia

Before the rise of hops, gruit was used to flavor beer, or more aptly named ale. Though we use the name to mean a top fermented beer now, traditionally ales were brewed using gruit, whereas beers were crafted using hops. Hops gained popularity through out medieval Europe in at a slow meandering pace. It was aided in large part by German Protestants not wanting to pay the taxes levied on gruit by the Roman Catholic church and the use of hops would later become law in 1516 under the Reinheitsgebot or the German Purity Law. It was later accepted very begrudgingly in Great Britain purely on it’s preservation properties as hops’s anti bacterial nature kept beers from spoiling, though the English were not overly fond of it’s bitter flavor. the death nail in gruit’s coffin occurred in 1710 when Great Britain passed an Act forbidding the use of any bittering agent in beer other than hops. By the mid to late 17th century traditional ales had fallen completely out of favor and beer as we know it today had come to dominate.

Each of these dice has been crafted from compressed hops and set in to a crystal clear resin allowing you to see in to the die as the light passes both through and around the fibers of the hops giving these dice a depth and complexity not seen in our other materials. Each die is then inlaid with copper.

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14 reviews for Hops (Beer) Dice

  1. Ryan

    Does the d20 come in a decorated box?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      Yes it does.

  2. Tyler Mcgilvery

    how heavy is the dice ? I mostly play with an all metal set.

    • Charlie Brumfield

      approximately as heavy as a standard set of dice.

  3. Nick Z

    This is an amazing d20. Both the idea and the execution are brilliant. Numbers are easy to read and it rolls well. A friend bought this for me as a gift, it is by far the most unique die I have. I’ve tossed aside all my other d20’s, including metal and other uniquely crafted dice, to use this one. Absolutely amazing!

  4. Stephen Spradley (verified owner)

    I got two sets of these. They are very unique interesting. Love everything about them.

  5. Zach Beymer

    Will more full sets become available?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      After the first of the year sir

  6. Alex Stonkus (verified owner)

    Very cool idea, but the gold inlay is challenging to read against the hops, at least for my d20. Craftsmanship is excellent, did take 6 months to arrive. Again cool idea just not easy to use while gaming.

  7. Mike

    I was thinking these would be available by now. Can you confirm when they will be ready for ordering ?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      our next run is currently in production and should be wrapped up sometime next week.

  8. Christopher Tavares

    Will these be available anytime soon? Looking to get some as my gift to my best man.

  9. Edward Auferoth

    Would love to know if these will be available again soon.

    • Charlie Brumfield

      these are now ready for immediate shipment

  10. Justin Phillips

    When will these dice become available again? I am looking to get a set and love the design.

    • Charlie Brumfield

      they are now ready for immediate shipment.

  11. Olivia McCoy (verified owner)

    This dice is BEAUTIFUL! It’s light and rolls very well. In 5 rolls, I got two 18s, one nat 20, one 19, and a 16. Highly recommended!

  12. Matthew Briggs

    Hi. I work at a brewery and just discovered this exists. I want one more than anything. When do you guys think you’ll have another set of these available?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      very soon

  13. tristan

    i found these through a friend who had a set. they were awesome. started saving to buy a set for my bartender friend but now your out. think you’ll have more in the next month for her bday?

    • Charlie Brumfield

      not sure when our next run will be completed tristian, we are hoping to have them done before the end of august.

  14. Neo (verified owner)

    Love the dice. they arrived in about a month’s time from being shipped (internationally). They smell quite strongly of hops, which was a really neat surprise as I was not expecting them to actually retain the scent. Roll really well and are comfortable to use. I was a bit confused about the fact that on the d8 the 1 is next to the 8 rather than opposite it on the dice (meaning that the opposing sides rather than making a sum of 9 makes either a sum of 11 or 7) but so far from rolling it quite a bit I haven’t noticed it being a problem in having results leaning to higher or lower numbers.
    The metal numbers makes it really easy to actually see what was rolled when light hits them and get’s reflected back. They are quite light compared to the chessex dice I have.

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